Wall Mounted Trough

The Veitch PWD wall mounted trough can be used as a drinking or hand washing trough. With an upstand/splashback that conceals plumbing fittings that are mounted in front of the wall and is used to mount the taps or bubblers.

Manufactured from Gr304 stainless steel with internal radiused and polished corners providing an easy cleaning hygienic surface. Rounded external corners make it safe for use in a high traffic area, such as a school, early learning centre or public space. 

The troughs are completely manufactured in Australia enabling them to be tailored to your individual length with a short lead time, with common sizes held in stock enabling an even quicker turnaround.

Either a right or left, hand outlet.
A recess behind the upstand 60mm deep to allow for the fitting of tapware without having to penetrate the mounting wall. 
Tap holes that can be configured to customer requirements.

Can be customised with extra high upstand or end upstands.
Heavy-duty stainless steel wall brackets or optional legs are ordered separately. 

Veitch can be pre-plumbed the trough using high quality time flowed bubblers or bib taps mounted to a stainless steel chassis behind the upstand and connected to a single ½ inch BSP inlet. The trough is complete and tested before despatch, ensuring the site installation runs smoothly and efficiently.

Technical Data

Wall Mounted Trough

Product - Ablution Trough – PWD Pattern
Material - Gr304 Stainless Steel
Material Thickness - 1.2mm
Material Surface Finish - Satin Finished
Type of Mounting - Wall mounted on brackets (mild steel product code: 02-4957)
Bowl Corners - Fully Radiused
External Corners - Radiused
Overall Length - From 900 to 2400mm
Overall Width - 380mm
Overall Depth - 150mm
Outlet Size - DN50 (50BSP)
Outlet Position - Left or Right only
Front and End Facias - 25mm
Rear - 150mm x 60mm upstand to conceal pipework
Tap Holes - Available in upstand
  -150mm upstand to either or both ends (Product Code: 02-3500)
  -Stainless Steel Wall Brackets (Product Code: 02-3530)
  -Stainless Steel Legs (Product Code: 02-3554)

Product Codes Table

Length of trough Description Number of Brackets Max number of tapholes @450mm centres Product Code
900mm PWD Trough 900mm Long 2 2 02-3011
1200mm PWD Trough 1200mm Long 2 3 02-3042
1500mm PWD Trough 1500mm Long 2 3 02-3073
1800mm PWD Trough 1800mm Long 3 4 02-3103
2100mm PWD Trough 2100mm Long 3 5 02-3134
2400mm PWD Trough 2400mm Long 3 5 02-3165
2700mm PWD Trough 2700mm Long 4 6 02-3196
3000mm PWD Trough 3000mm Long 4 6 02-3226
Stainless steel brackets to suit 02-3530
Stainless Steel Legs 02-3554
Upstand - left hand end 02-3500
Upstand - right hand end 02-3501


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