Pattern 4 Trough

The Veitch Pattern 4 wall mounted trough can be used as a hand washing trough with taps mounted in the in the tap landing behind the bowl.

Manufactured from Gr304 stainless steel with square internal and external corners making it suitable for industrial use.

The troughs are completely manufactured in Australia with a short lead time and allowing them to be tailored to different profiles to suit specific applications. 

Either a right or left, hand outlet.
Tap holes that can be configured to customer requirements.
Can be customised with a rear and/or end upstands.
Heavy-duty stainless steel wall brackets or optional legs are ordered separately. 

Technical Data

Pattern 4 Trough

Product - Ablution Trough – Pattern No.4
Material - Gr304 Stainless Steel
Material Thickness - 1.2mm
Material Surface Finish - Satin Finished
Type of Mounting - Wall mounted on brackets (mild steel product code: 02-4957)
Bowl Corners - Square
External Corners - Square
Overall Length - From 900 to 3600mm
Overall Width - 380mm
Overall Depth - 160mm
Outlet Size - DN50 (50BSP)
Outlet Position - Left or Right only
Front and End Facias - 25mm
Rear - 80mm hob with 20mm tile upstand
Tap Holes - Available in hob
  - 20mm upstand to either or both ends
  - Stainless Steel Wall Brackets (product code: 02-4964)

Product Codes Table

Length of trough Description Number of Brackets Product Code
900mm Pattern No4 Wall Mounted 900mm Long 2 02-4022
1200mm Pattern No4 Wall Mounted 1200mm Long 2 02-4046
1500mm Pattern No4 Wall Mounted 1500mm Long 3 02-4078
1800mm Pattern No4 Wall Mounted 1800mm Long 3 02-4107
2100mm Pattern No4 Wall Mounted 2100mm Long 3 02-4138
2400mm Pattern No4 Wall Mounted 2400mm Long 3 02-4169
2700mm Pattern No4 Wall Mounted 2700mm Long 3 02-4200
3000mm Pattern No4 Wall Mounted 3000mm Long 3 02-4230
Stainless steel brackets to suit 02-4964


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