Original Shower Channel

The Veitch Original shower channels with built-in fall to the waste add function and style to any open shower. Manufactured with a stainless steel channel and grate, they have a width of 100mm, a depth of 35mm (from the bottom of the tile) either a 50DN pop or a 50 BSP waste outlet and can be made to any length from 600mm to 2400mm. The Tile insert model also has a depth of 35mm, with a tile thickness of 10mm and larger thickness tiles can be accommodated with special orders. Channels 800, 900, 1200, 1500mm long with a centre waste outlet and no tiling upstands are held in stock.

There are three different styles of grate available:

• Aqua and Monsoon, available with a Satin, Chrome, Black or Brushed Gold finish,
• Tile Insert, available with a Satin, Black or Brushed Gold finish,

Using the online specification tool, the product can be made to a customer specified length and the waste can be moved to any position along the length of the channel. Optional tile upstands can be ordered to the rear and/or either or both ends that will improve the waterproofing.
Veitch manufactures in Australia with the fastest turnaround for made to measure shower channels.

Technical Data


Original Shower Channel

Grate Material Thickness - 1.2mm
Grate Material Surface Finish - Satin, Chrome or Black
Grate Patterns Available - Aqua, Monsoon, Tile Insert

Grate Patterns  - Aqua

Original SC Aqua

Grate Patterns  - Monsoon

Original SC Monsoon

Grate Patterns  - Tile insert

Original SC Tile Insert

Standard Models

Lengths of 800, 900, 1200 and 1500mm
Centre waste outlet only
No tiling upstands
Original model suits floor tiles of up to 7mm thick

Custom Models

Can be made to any length from 500 to 2400mm
Waste outlet can be positioned along the channel
Optional tiling upstands can be added where channels are placed against wall


  • Shower Channels Brochure
  • Product Data Sheet
  • Installation Instructions
  • Watermark
  • Spec Sheet

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