Modular Design – How to Customise a Stainless-Steel Channel

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Every bathroom and shower are unique, especially when an owner is renovating and updating to create their dream bathroom.

This gives the owner the opportunity to have an input into the design of the shower channel, which ensures they not only achieve the look they want, but also the functionality that will be for the life of the bathroom, especially when it comes to:

  • Draining the water more efficiently
  • Improving the waterproofing capabilities of the channel

In this blog, we share the benefits of customising a stainless-steel channel and how to easily create your perfect channel with Veitch Stainless Steel Products.

What are the benefits of customisation?

There are many benefits to customising your stainless-steel channel, but the primary benefit is that the owners have the opportunity to improve the aesthetics of their bathroom, creating their own style and making the shower channel compatible with the other fittings. 

Other benefits of customising a stainless-steel channel include:

  • Improved functionality, incorporating fall to the waste outlet giving a cleaner and more hygienic channel
  • The ability to add a tiling upstand providing a watertight finish, meaning there is less reliance on the waterproof membrane over time.
Customise shower channel

How does the process work?

At Veitch, we create a unique customisation process for builders and owners. This carefully created process entails the four steps below:  

Step 1: Go to the design your shower channel selection page and determine the style of channel and grate that best serves your needs

Step 2: Veitch have created a Build Your Own shower channel that enables the customer to follow a few simple steps to tailor the product to their own specific needs

Step 3: Select the template for the model that you have chosen to use, answer all the questions and add dimensions as requested to create the unique channel and grate for your shower

Step 4: Once the Build Your Own shower channel is completed online, the owner or builder will have a printable sketch and an item code that can be taken to a Plumbing merchant to be priced and ordered.

Why is using a modular design for customisation important?

When our customers use our “Build your own their stainless steel channel”, they can feel confident that:

  • The channel will comply with standards and the construction code
  • The channel will be watermarked
  • The design is suitable for manufacture from stainless steel and the channel can be made with the machinery available
  • Drawings and Installation instructions are available for designers, specifiers, and installers to perform their part of the building process

What happens when the channel and grate is installed?

The owner can have confidence that the channel will perform to industry expectations, and they can enjoy their bathroom with no stress about waterproof or drainage issues down the track.

By Admin | December 16, 2021

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